Our Philosophy

We continue to stress that our business is closely intertwined with art, passion and tradition.
The beginning of the 75th year of activity was the occasion for a visible expression of this – the allegory of the sculptured book – indicating our personal philosophy both for life and for business. The book stands for our work; sculpture is the form of art we selected to represent our thought.
The third book of ‘ Georgica’ by Virgilio clearly shows the continuity from past to present with the ensuing link to tradition and gives a hint as to why we were moved to confront ourselves with
the image of an unbroken-in thoroughbred
colt with a spring in his step,
his dauntless daring,
his bold breast,
his restless activity,
his yearning to vent
his hardly repressed mettle.
“Continuo pecoris generosi pullus in arvis
altius ingreditur et mollia crura reponit;
primus et ire viam et fluvios temptare minantis
audet et ignoto sese committere ponti
nec vanos horret strepitus. Illi ardua cervix
argutumque caput, brevis alvus obesaque terga,
luxuriatque toris animosum pectus. Honesti
spadices glaucique, color deterrimus albis
et gilvo. Tum, si qua sonum procul arma dedere
stare loco nescit, micat auribus et tremit artus,
collectumque premens voluit sub naribus ignem.
Densa iuba, et dextro iactata recumbit in
armo; at duplex agitur per lumbos spina,
cavatque tellurem et solido graviter sonat.”

Liber tertius, 75-88