Who we are

We are very proud of our heritage dating 1927, and we’ll never miss an opportunity to remind ourselves and all our collaborators that our professional skills cannot be separated from the ‘artistic’ origins of our business: this is a job requiring enthusiasm, care, and love, and must never be taken away from the passion our family has devoted to the company for four generations.
On entering the building, almost ninety years of work, commitment, skills and research to ensure we meet the requirements of publishers, can all be felt by glancing at the irregular lines along the perimeter of the library where every single book we’ve printed in our history.
Our history is very closely tied to technological innovation and no opportunity has been lost in exploring the latest advances in technology, in starting new production processes, in discussing our own requirements with manufacturers and designers and in sharing our knowledge and expertise with them.
We want to work for our customers, serve them better and, in so doing, share with them the benefits of technological advances without losing our reputation for high quality.

– Giuseppe Redaelli