Web offeset printing

Our web offset printing production is different from the conventional ones: we have developed all our equipment to mainly produce books in various sizes either in 1+1, 2+2 and 4+4 colours using every kind of paper, coated and uncoated, starting from a substance of 28 gsm.
All our machines are Timsons and allow both the highest flexibility in size and the best technical performance, even for short run production.
The structure of the rotary offset printing department has been specially designed in order to achieve even the average short-run production of books of any size (from 8×14 to 24×32 cm) thanks to the decision to design and develop all of our custom machines.
We are very proud to say that our cars are unique in the world, fully equipped with all the sophisticated instruments of control (default profile of the inkwell, register control and ink density and constant), capable of securing the low waste in the production of signatures from 80 + 80 and 96 + 96 4 + 4 pages is that a 2 + 2 (in this case to ‘ZIP zero’).